Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze 2.2

An arcade adventure game starring a little girl in a fantasy land
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Control Lily, a girl lost in the Land Of Nod and trying to get home. Move across multiple locations trying to avoid capture by the Dream Reaper sending hordes of supernatural creatures after her. The game is based on crystal collection mechanics similar to rings from Sonic.

In Crystal Maze you need to help a girl, Lilly, escape from the Land of Nor by completing a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Lilly needs to return home, and to help her out of the labyrinth, where she is trapped, you need to collect all the crystals on each level while avoiding making contact with enemies. There are guardians, mummies, and others creatures that you will face, but the most fearful one is the Dream Reaper who can beat you with a single touch.

The action takes place in different scenarios, which become trickier as the game progresses, with the addition of extra floors and levels that require the use of stairs and elevators. Power-ups will help you gain speed, for example, multiply your points, or turn Lilly invisible to avoid enemies more easily.

Labyrinths are seen from an isometric perspective, and graphics are good in general, but at moments they look a bit blocky. On the whole, it is a game with a simple concept, but really hard to master on higher levels. Downloading the free trial will install a game console by WildGames, which will allow you to test the game for an hour.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Each level has unique scenarios
  • Challenging and addictive gameplay
  • A good variety of power-ups


  • Graphics look a bit blocky
  • Sound effects are poor
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